Owner Brian Tomajko

Well, I guess it all started in my early 20’s when I developed an obsession for vintage clothes. For over ten years I collected and sold my vintage treasures. In those days, when I left the house I was adorned head to toe in classic threads.

Of all the styles I pursued, western wear was my favorite. From plain work clothes to fancy embroidered gabardine, I was infatuated. And of course, cowboy boots were a big part of the ensemble.

The problem was finding a pair of classic boots in my size that weren’t about to blow their stitches. And when you’re wearing fifty-year-old boots, you tend to be on a first name basis with your cobbler. I guess I was there often enough to develop an interest in shoe repair.

So I spent a couple of winters in my offseason learning the art of boot and shoe repair. But I knew all along that I really wanted to learn how to make cowboy boots.

One day a very random inquiry led me to master boot maker, Dave Hutchings. I apprenticed with ‘Hutch’ and learned through traditional and age-old methods, the art of custom boot making. Later on, I was off to Saint Jo, Texas to train with master boot maker Carl Chappell.

Today I combine all that I ‘ve learned along with my team in El Paso to create the perfect boot for you.

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